Twilight. The most enchanting time of the day. During the day we belong to the earth, and all the busy comings and goings of our lives. At night we belong to sleep and recovery. But at twilight, we belong to peace, love, rest, and connection – to deep breaths and to togetherness. I love twilight. Here are some scenes from our home, Windy Poplars, during this sacred time of the day.

The dishes are done, the counters are clean

The fire is crackling
The bed is turned down and ready to receive us

Even the creatures feel the peace that twilight brings!

Do you take the time to inhale this sacred time of the day and seize it to reconnect with those you love? To wind down and breathe deeply…from your soul? To allow the world to be quiet, and your heart to be loud? To rest.


7 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. On my good days, my home looks similar by twilight… it really is the most serenely peaceful time of day though- at least outside…

  2. Beautiful post! I've never really thought about the time of twilight. I love how you just opened me eyes to this!And here I was bracing myself for a post about the movie series! (I'm new here so I'm just getting to know you!)Thank you for this!

  3. Love the pics!!…and yes, twilight is a very beautiful time of the day…the best light for photos, it is just romantic… ^_^Love your pictures….and look at those babies!! too cute!! ^_^I hope you had a lovely V-day Kristin!Meli

  4. I loved the pictures. They made me want to go home and curl up. I love sunrise and sunset. For some reason I get so excited and it feels like it's not even my own emotions, it's just too big.Thanks for this – what a way to start my day!!!

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