A Homecoming to Remember

Note: this post is for adults only πŸ™‚

Today, your idea is just for you and your Valentine! He deserves a special evening in his honor every now and then, doesn’t he? Let’s dive into the plan:

The Pre-Plan:
Choose one evening when you don’t have any other post-dinner commitments. If you have kids, arrange to send them to a friend’s house for dinner and a movie (you could offer to trade with your friends and have their kids over for the same another time: win-win ~ you get “free” babysitting, and your friends will enjoy a kid-free night too).
The Last Minute Prep:
Ok, so the fun starts before your hubby gets home: clean your bedroom, put on nice fresh sheets,Β  light candles, put on some relaxing music, draw the blinds, etc.
The Main Event:
When your hubby arrives home, don’t greet him at the door – instead, place a trail of rose petals (or lingerie) leading from the entrance he usually uses, to your bedroom, OR, they could lead to the kitchen where you have a small snack and a note with further instructions on it. Get creative. Grab his attention and curiosity. Have yourself all dolled up and waiting for him at the end of the trail. Depending on the amount of time you have, you could plan a small snack (or dinner) and a romantic movie in bed, perhaps some fun conversation starters to discover new things about your mate, or a game you both enjoy playing. It’s up to you! What would your hubby enjoy most during some alone time? – Keep in mind: if your hubby likes surprises, and responds well to spontaneity, then go for it! If, however, he is usually bushed or stressed after work, maybe plan to have a bath or shower ready for him (complete with towel warmed in the dryer and maybe a quick massage) to give him a chance to debrief from his day and get ready for some fun. Or if he usually makes plans for his evenings, it’s probably a good idea to let him know you have something on the schedule for just the two of you. You can still keep the details a surprise!
So I hope you enjoy planning this special homecoming, I’m sure your husband will be delightfully surprised to be the one being romanced instead of doing the romancing!

6 thoughts on “A Homecoming to Remember

  1. Hey Kristen, thanks so much for sharing all these ideas! I am super psyched about the datingdivas site. My Mom and I are starting to encourage each other and share ideas for romancing our husbands…so much fun! Thanks a million!

  2. love your ideas kristen…your hubby is so lucky:)Hopefully mine will feel the same way too!So i liked you and i like the clip-i like cranberry spice bloom clip.Cant wait to see your online store,God has gifted you!

  3. Love it, thanks for sharing! It's definitely going to get my creative brain rolling on how to do something fun for my man! πŸ˜‰

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